What professionals are saying about ODEA

"I have had the opportunity to present to and attend ODEA meetings on a number of occasions.  I have found members to be career-minded professionals dedicated to business aspects of the dental practice.  They have an excellent grasp on many issues, such as employment and personnel matters, risk management, billing and collections, etc., that are so necessary to the successful operation of a dental practice.  I wholeheartedly support this association adn encourage Oregon dentists to do so as well." 

Chris Verbiest of DMC
"It is with great pleasure that I address this letter to the ODEA newsletter and website. My office manager has been a part of this organization for over 3 years. She brings back to my office information that has been a great benefit to all of my staff. The education opportunities that the ODEA has provided for her has made it possible for us to stay current with dental insurance billing and codes, created better office communication, and kept us all up to date with what is going on in the world of dentistry.

Dentistry requires that we have continuing education to stay in good standing with our state and national licensing requirements. We must provide this education for our hygienists and our dental assistants. It makes good business sense that we also provide this valuable education to our administrative team as well. ODEA is the organization we can rely on to provide this outstanding continuing education.

I encourage all of my colleagues to investigate what this organization has to offer. There are monthly meetings that your staff can attend as guests. It has been a great asset to my practice to have my office manager be a member of ODEA."

Leslie A. Mitchell, D.M.D.

"ODEA has been a great resource for my practice.  With ODEA's education, networking, support and idea sharing, my front office staff has thrived.  they've brought new ideas, resources and energy back to our practice and enjoyed the professional support and interaction."

Jay C. Lamb, DMD

"I find the Oregon Dental Executives' Association invaluable in improving the skills of my front office personnel and improving the 'bottom line' of my office.  I encourage all Oregon dentists to support the ODEA by having their administrative staff become members.  It is one of the best investments you can make for you office!"

William "Bill" Guy, DDS

"Dentistry, for too long, has had not enough interplay between offices. Participating staff have a chance to hear how the "other guys" do it. Everyone comes out for the better with new ideas, and more efficient methods of handling office paperwork. They have resources within the dental community to contact for Education, Networking and Support. All too often we forget the tremendous impact the office staff has on our patients, other offices and the rest of our staff. Ultimately, the EVERYONE involved will benefit. I STRONGLY urge all dentists, GP's and specialists, to have their staffs belong to the ODEA."

Douglas Boyd DMD, Endodontist, Portland, Oregon.


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